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System Life Cycle

Feasibility Study

o   Economic: Check the client – do they have the money?

o   Technical: Is it technically possible?

o   Capability: Do we have the skills to do it?

o   Operational: Can we actually do it? – Space and people to do it

o   Time: Have we got the time to do it?

o   Resources: Have we got the resources? – time, money, software

o   Legal: Is it legal to do this?

o   Ethical: Is it ethical to do this?


o   Existing documentation

o   Talk to users e.g. interviews, observations, questionnaires

o   Ask client what they want

o   What data needs to be processed?

o   Sample data e.g. length of barcode

o   Identify stakeholders – clients and users

o   Specification – contract, agree what has to be done


o   Decomposition – breaking the big problem down into a small problem

o   Project planning – what to do and what order to do it in

o   Sub-problems – (Pseudo Code)

o   Define test strategy

o   Design sketches of user interfaces


o   Should follow the design plan

o   Each sub problem must be tested before it is assembled

o   Once all the parts are together the whole system can be tested by the developer(s)


o   Black box: - the tester does not know how the system is coded

o   White box: -  the tester knows how the system has been built

o   Alpha testers: -  developers

o   Beta testing:  - tame users


o   The process of installing the new system for the client.


o   Compare the final solution with the agreed specification.

o   Identify the limitations of the implemented system.

o   Identify any necessary improvements that need to be made.


Ongoing testing, modification and overall improvements of the implemented system.

o   Corrective: Fix any problems with the system.

o   Adaptive: Making the system do something extra.

o   Perfective: Improving something it already does.

o   Breakdown: Corrective maintenance performed on an asset after the asset has suffered a failure.





Testing Terms - worksheet