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Data Types

Why do we need different data types?

Data types are important as it is a strongly typed language. Nearly all operations are type-checked for type compatibility. Strong type-checking helps prevent errors and improves reliability.


Binary is shown in base 2 using 0 and 1. Binary is used in modern computers. You can use base 16 and convert binary to denary and Hexadecimal.


Text files

txt- Text Only: Structures lines of text.

rtf- Rich Text Format: used for cross-platform document interchange

doc & docx – odt- Document: able to save files

3.            Graphic files: An image or picture stored in digital format

bitmap: Image file format used to store digital images.

gif- Graphics Interchange Format: mapped graphics format used by WWW.

jpg/jpeg- Joint Photoshop Experts Group: File extension is used interchangeably

png- Portable Graphic Network: File format for image compression.

tiff- Tag Image File Format: Exchanging images between application programs


4.            Data files

txt- Text Only: Structures lines of text

csv- Comma-Separated Values: Used to store tabular data e.g spreadsheets

xls-Excel: File extension for spreadsheets

ods- Operational Data Store: Database designed on transactional data.


5.            Video/Animation files

gif- Graphics Interchange Format: mapped graphics format used by WWW

mpg/mpeg- Moving Picture Experts Group: Digital video format

wmv-Windows Media Video: Series of video codes and their video coding formats developed by Microsoft

mov- Metal Oxide Varistor: A quick time video file extension

flv- Flash Video: used to store and deliver audio and video streams over the internet


6.    Audio files

wav- Waveform Audio File Format: Audio file format

wma- Windows Media Audio: audio format and audio codec

mp3/mp4- Moving Picture Experts Group Layer-3: Standard technology and format for compressing a sound

midi- Musical Instrument Digital Interface: Designed for recording and playing back music on sound cards.


7.    PDF – Adobe Portable Document Format

Why is pdf required

This format represents a document independently of the hardware, operating system and application software used to create the original file.

b.    Benefits of pdf files

They tend to have a small file size in comparison to other formats, it works on any operating system, the files can be protected by password.

c.     Uses for pdf files

Compatible Across Multiple Platforms, operating system and application software used to create the original PDF file.



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